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Imagine a life where your production music shines on TV, your library music earns you royalties, and your skills in creating sync music are constantly growing. You'll be part of a community that champions your success as much as you do.

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In our virtual Composer Cafe, you have the opportunity to connect, share, and learn from composers across the globe. It's the ideal spot for receiving constructive feedback and sparking meaningful collaborations. Dive into our Composer Quests and Live Events for engaging, community-driven adventures.

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  • Ideal for: Newcomers starting in production and library music or those curious about the industry!
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Joining 52 Cues opens doors to a world of opportunities in production, library, and sync music. While the path to success in these industries can be complex and challenging, being part of our community provides you with the necessary tools and support to navigate it with confidence. By choosing not to join, you may miss out on the chance to enhance your skills, connect with like-minded composers, and gain valuable insights that could accelerate your journey. Remember, in the dynamic world of music, being part of a supportive community can be a game-changer.

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As a member of 52 Cues, envision yourself mastering the art of production music, earning royalties from your library music, and excelling in sync music. Imagine your tracks captivating audiences on TV and across various media platforms. You'll be part of a community that not only celebrates your successes but also supports you through challenges, sharing knowledge and experiences that enrich your musical journey. Your growth as a composer will be continuous, with each new cue marking a step forward in your career.

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Choosing the right membership at 52 Cues aligns with your current stage in the ever-evolving production, library, and sync music industries. Whether you're taking your first steps or looking to scale new heights, our community is here to support and guide you. At 52 Cues, we're committed to your growth and success, offering a platform where your musical ambitions can take flight, one cue at a time.

Joining 52 Cues marks a significant step in your journey through the exciting world of production music!

Meet Your Host

52 Cues is hosted by composer and educator, Dave Kropf (IMDb)!

Dave has 10+ years in the production music industry with extensive placements across TV. He holds a Masters of Music and has nearly 25 years teaching experience. Dave is currently a professor of music composition at Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL.

Featured Placements

Super Bowl LIV, CBS

The Bachelor, ABC


NCAA March Madness Tournament, CBS

Temptation Island, USA Network

Killer Siblings, Oxygen

Important Note on Placement Guarantees

At 52 Cues, our aim is to enhance your music for use in the production music industry through expert feedback and guidance. However, it's important to understand that placements are not guaranteed. The acceptance of music cues is ultimately decided by publishers, editors, producers, and other industry professionals, not by us.

While we strive to improve your chances through education and support, the production music industry is subjective and influenced by many factors outside our control. Therefore, 52 Cues cannot promise specific placement outcomes.

By joining us, you're investing in elevating your cue's quality and marketability, a crucial step towards potential success in this competitive field.